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Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's a Zubat?

   I think Mom has officially lost it. She's spending all her time looking at her phone, and screaming things like "Suck it ZUBAT!" and "Another Geodude! Shit!" As far as I know, these are not words. She also seems very disappointed with someone called "Metapod". Every time she tries to pronounce "Rattata" Dad glares at her and says "Its Rat-a-ta with a hard a sound! Not Rat-a-tat, not Rat-a-ta-ta, not Rat-a-tat-a!" Why is Daddy so angry about these strange words? Oh dear. Daddy just pulled out a book I didn't know we had called "the official Pokemon Handbook" and looked up the pronunciation. Apparently it's "Ruh-ta-tah". What is going on?

   I give up. I'm just glad my name is easy to pronounce and no one has to fight about it. Maybe they're talking about the rats that we used to have. They died, but not cause I ate them, I swear. They used to nip at my nose. I was sort of afraid of them to be honest. Today Mom and Dad had really big plans about distributing the giant pile of dirt in our front yard, and digging up all the sod to make room for gardens. But now its super gross and wet and rainy out, and I don't wanna sit out there!

   I've decided that I really want to challenge myself on a creative and spiritual level, so from now on I shall end my posts with a little dog-ku (that's a dog haiku for those of you who can't understand simple dog-speech). Here's my dog-ku for today. 

Mushy wet gross grass
Disturbs delicate dog paws
Take me inside now

I used alliteration! Beagle for the win! 

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