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Friday, May 24, 2013

Dogs Alone!

   Mom is gonna leave us alone this morning. I can tell. There's a strange and eerie stillness in the air. Soon, she'll start getting ready for work, and since she already dropped Daddy off at his work, there will be no one around to stop us from screaming! AHHHHH! 

   Sorry. I get sort of worked up about this. Ever since I was dropped at the Humane Society by my last owner (of two years) I really don't like being left alone. Have I mentioned that? Phew. Deep breaths Gus. You're not alone yet. Oh god. Oh God. OH GOD-SHE'S GONNA LEAVE US! HELP! BAAAAAAAAAAAA-ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 

   Ok, calming myself down doesn't always or ever work. But Bandit's worse, so its ok. Mom is trying to ignore all of this. She's crushing on this dude:

Which I don't understand, cause how can you crush on someone if you can't sniff their butt? Mom's all about the geeky-ness and (BONUS!) he sings too! I have a pretty good singing voice myself. That's probably why she loves me so much. But it's a good deal that Mom like that dude, cause he tends to be on the little screen-thing with this chick:

   And lets face it, Daddy isn't the only one who'd like to lick her face. Mom and Daddy spend a LOT of time watching the little screen thing. I don't really understand it entirely, but sometimes I do freak out when the screen makes a sound like a doorbell, or (dog-forbid) a smoke alarm. It works out pretty well though, cause when they are watching those peeps and maybe some of these guys-

And then I do this-

But can I ask you guys something? Who are those people that my parents spend so much time watching? Why do they do it? My theory is that humans sniff with their eyes. Cause I could sit outside and sniff for hours, and Mom and Dad can sit inside and watch that screen for hours. Does that make sense? Who knows. I'm tired from all of this thinking. Wish me luck! Hopefully Mom won't leave us alone forever again. 


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