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Sunday, May 26, 2013

crazy baby squirrel!

   We gardened all day today. I'm snoring so loudly Mom can barely hear what I'm dictating to her. It was a very tiring day, especially since we all stayed up late burning wood and grilling food. Mom had too much of something called "Gin" and went to bed before our friends left. I was ok with it though, cause it was way past my bedtime anyway, and I don't like the big scary fire-thing. It torments me cause there are people dropping delicious food, but then theres this really terrible hot monster right by the dropped food. It's tough being a dog.

   While we were gardening today a baby squirrel came and stood on Mom's shoe. It was shaking and I was having a hard time distinguishing whether it was food or maybe a friend. Bandit knew immediately what it was and starting going crazy trying to eat it. It hung around us all day, standing a few feet from Mom and Dad as they dug around in the dirt (who knows what they were doing, they must have smelled something awesome). Then when we went into the back yard I sniffed it just a few steps away from me, and I was considering my next move when Mom grabbed me and Bandit and the squirrel got away. Then we were really excited so we ran around in circles and jumped on each other for a few minutes. I have to admit, I may have been a bit too vocal, cause Mom had to remind me to keep it down a few times. 

I'm gonna sleep some more now, I am completely wiped! 

Here's the dog-ku for the day:

Guarding our domain
Shoulder to shoulder we stand
No dog-foe shall pass

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