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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We hate the system.

   So, Mom paid for Tabs on her car in February when they were due, cause she is a good little citizen and she does what she's supposed to. And then the government never sent them to us. They cashed our check, and never sent them to us. And Mom was too busy being in the middle of February/March-lets-struggle-not-to-kill-ourselves so she never really noticed that the Tabs never came, cause she knew she had done her part and paid for them, right? Wrong. Yesterday a cop drove by the house and gave us a ticket cause our tabs are expired. And now Grandma says we can't drive our car cause if we do and they see that we still haven't updated our tabs they'll just keep giving us tickets. Why are humans so lame? Mom and I are gonna retreat to the woods and live in a little farm-house and be self-sufficient and the rest of humanity can wither and die.

   And that is what depression sounds like folks. Mom is trying to cut down on her medication that she thought didn't do anything anyway, but if a ticket makes her think this negatively maybe it did do something. On the upside, humans here finally decided to give everyone the right to marry, which is a total "duh" if you ask me. I think that humans have too much time on their hands, or maybe to much extra brain-juice and it makes them over-think things, and poke their noses in other people's lives. If another dog ever thought that it was okay to tell me who I could hump/and or snuggle with, I would snap at him so fast he wouldn't stand a chance. Then I would go around my territory and re-pee on the whole perimeter, cause clearly it wasn't strong enough if some jerk-dog thought he could just waltz in and tell me what to do. Only Mom and Daddy and Grandma and Lucy (and sometimes Chester) and sometimes some random humans get to tell me what to do! Yeah! 

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