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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

   So some good news, Mom came back. I know you were probably concerned. But when she came home she smelled like this dog-

Not cool Mom. I also deducted that she spent time with a very messy baby which is equally not cool. Look at this:

Ok. I could lick the hell out of that baby. Which begs the question, where are the dogs in this picture? There is whipped cream on a baby! You dogs shame me. 

   Anyway. It's gross and rainy today. Just like the last few days. WTF. Mom left me and Bandit with Grandma and then to add more anxiety to that scenario it thundered all weekend! I hate thunder. So does Bandit. It makes us shake and cry and sometimes pee ourselves. That mostly happens to Bandit, but man is that embarrassing. He always looks at his junk afterwards, like "hey, who said you could do that?" Even Chester hates this weather. He likes sitting in the windows when they're open and this whole cold and rainy thing spoils that. 

He still manages.

   Ok people so I've had some time to think recently. My Mom makes a point to only buy all that crap she puts on her face, head, and hands if it has a little bunny symbol on it. like this: 

I was curious about exactly what that meant so when Mom left I went online and did some research. Its kinda messed up. I mean, I would eat a bunny just as fast as anyone, but I wouldn't smear poison on its eyes. That's something a cat would do. And lets face it people, we should try not to act like cats. There are lots of options that companies can use that don't require testing on animals. Companies like Aveda, Bath and Body Works, Bonne Bell, Carmex, Burt's Bee's and Tom's of Maine can manage to produce perfectly usable cosmetic products without being mean to us guys. So, could you do me a solid and just check the back of the bottle before you buy? Its pretty easy. And don't get me started on Cigarette companies. Let's just say if you want to know more just google "Beagle animal testing". There are some pretty disturbing pictures and videos. Mom says Beagles are used more often than other dog breeds because of their sweet temperaments and the fact that they will basically do whatever you tell them for food. It's a weakness, what can I say. But seriously guys. It takes like three seconds to read the back of a bottle. If it says "not tested on animals" you're good. If not, check it out online. If they do test on animals and it's your favorite brand ever, you can always email them and be like "dude this cool beagle I know told me to let you know that I really don't like the fact that you test on animals and I am gonna stop using your product until you change that." It'll work if we all do it. Ok, thats all I guess. Just, take that three seconds. educate yourself about the stuff you buy. Cause you don't want to give your money to douche-bags, do you? I hope not. 

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  1. If you want more info, go to http://www.avomeen.com/services/cosmetics, http://caat.jhsph.edu/, or
    http://www.peta.org/living/beauty-and-personal-care/companies/687.aspx. Or just Google it like Gus says.