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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Killing can be fun.

   So, There was this intruder in our house last night. 

Don't worry, we killed him. Well, I killed him.

And I'm not ashamed. He deserved it. 

You're looking at the face of a cold-blooded killer folks. But I usually try to contain my murderous ways to stuffed animals. Sometimes I get overexcited (and therefore murderous) when I have some really good food, and then I try to eat Bandit's face and or soul. But, really, what's the big deal? If I have a dish that was used to cook fish and he tries to get in there, its my job to let him know who's the boss (it's me, btw). Also, sometimes I bite Mom if she tries to get in between me and Bandit when I'm trying to kill him,* or when she's playing with me and I mistake her skin for a toy. Like this-

That happened a few days ago. She's fine, so don't worry about it. She knows what she's getting into when she messes with the Beast. I have jaws of steel! GRR. 
Sorry, I got carried away there. I didn't mean to scare you. 

   In other news, it's finally sunny outside again! Hooray! Great-Aunt Wendy is gonna dog-sit us today and I am really hoping that we do some gardening and sit out in the front yard.  I don't know if you guys know this, but its a ton of work. We have to sniff all of those sniffs, and guard the house from intruders, and make sure the humans keep on task. Mom and Daddy have been trying to do it more often, but its been too rainy and I refuse to sit outside in that kind of weather. Mom says she might just quit her job if gas prices keep climbing and stay home with us and garden and blog. I told her that was ok as long as she gets her own blog and doesn't steal mine. Also, she has to make enough money to be able to bring home the dog food. Or human food for dogs, that works too. Oh, and she has to be able to pay the internet bill cause I need to do this thing. My fans need me. Right? 

*It really doesn't happen all that often I swear. 

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