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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hot Diggity Dogs.

   It's a good day to be a mostly black dog. I love sitting in the sun in the back yard while my people do all sorts of work-related activities. There's a nice cool breeze, and your fur gets all toasty and your eyes start to droop...Good stuff. Except when Mom got home from work today she discovered that the computer is dead. Uncle Mark confirmed that its the "hard drive". I don't really care except that I need to write my blog so Mom better come up with something soon or she's gonna lose her stenographer job. Cause right now she is writing on Grandma's computer and she seems to have lost the ability to type. Strange. I don't suppose any of my devoted fans might be able to give us a free computer? I think I warrant that kind of support but Mom is speculative. Usually we just get free computers through Uncle Mark or Grandpa Michael. Mom doesn't like to say this cause people might punch her, but she and Daddy have never bought a computer. It nice to have family in I.T. Plus when the hand-me-down computers eventually die we have someone to fix them! It's ok though, Mom is gonna go see my bff George at Chipheads and maybe he can help. At least we can give the dead laptop back and they can use it for parts. It's like a computer organ-donor. Mom says when she dies I can eat her organs if nobody finds her for awhile. I'm looking forward to it, but I wonder if I can get her to cook them for me before she passes. I really prefer the taste of lightly cooked meat.
   Anywho. Yesterday Mom cleaned out the car and put Tabs on it (She only had to pay $11 more than what she had already paid in Feb.) so she got the hose out to wash off all the poop-picking-up related equipment. It was kinda exciting but I wasn't a fan of her being on the other side of the fence. When she turned the water on to the hose I knew I should be careful, cause Mom and I have a past where hoses are concerned. She was filling up a bucket and she looked up at Bandit and Lucy and I and my heart grew full with misgivings. I just knew something bad was gonna happen so I started to step away when -BAM- a ton of water hit me straight in the face, going right up my nose and in my eyes. I made a noise that sort of sounded like "HOORARK!" And then I gave Mom my most disappointed look. She has a problem with hosing dogs down. I don't know what it is. Usually she's alright, but get a hose in her hand... I didn't talk to her again until dinner time. She apologized and insisted she had meant to lightly mist us cause we looked hot, but I knew the truth. I tried to tell Daddy about it when he got home but he just rolled his eyes and said "Oh, go write a blog about it." So I did. 


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