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Saturday, June 1, 2013

What happened to my living room?

   Mom says she's too tired to write much so I'm gonna try to keep this brief. Mom and Grandma left me and Daddy and Bandit for hours today, and when they came back, they did this to our house-

Mom seems pretty excited about it, which I understand, cause appreciating the comfy-ness of furniture is sort of a specialty of mine. She even took one of the old cushions from the couch she doesn't like and gave it to Bandit and I as an awesome dog bed! Finally she appreciates that I am getting up there in age and sleeping on lumpy, crappy dog beds is not going to help with my attitude. 

This bed is way nicer than our old one. She owes us cause she has left us alone too much the last few days and soon she'll understand that we will get her back. Like today, when Bandit was so freaked out with all the couches being moved he just peed on Grandma's floor. There is way more where that came from, people. We will make you clean up all of our bodily fluids if you don't comply with our demands. Ha. 

   But seriously, Mom, if you don't want me to bite you, start taking me with you. Or else. 

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