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Monday, June 3, 2013

Sunny Days

   I want to pass something along to all of you. Its a long held secret of dog-kind. It goes like this-

If you're having a crappy day, just go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Sniff around a little bit, who knows what you'll find in your own backyard?

If you find something that sniff's pretty good, dig at it for awhile. Then, do this-

It feels pretty great. Then, once you've really got your head covered in the scent, flop your whole body down. Don't be shy. 

It's important to really wiggle your whole body. Let the sun warm your fur, and feel that refreshing earthy scent fill your nostrils. If you get lonely, invite a friend or family member over to enjoy the good sniff with you-

Just don't let them hog it. It's a universal joy, scritching a good scritch with a nice wriggle in the dirt. There are so many benefits. It's exfoliating, and smells better than any perfume. You are getting a healthy dose of vitamin D, and a wonderful release of endorphins. Bandit recommends accompanying your wriggling with a good "errrarrrrgh awwwwerrrr" noise, but that's a personal preference. I even caught Chester doing his version of this yesterday. 

It was a good day for it. I think if all of you humans could just relax and wriggle in the dirt for a few hours every day, the world would be a much more peaceful place. Of course, it is tiring work, and at some point you have to give yourself a break and just sleep. I recommend a nice sun-warmed pile of dirt, but whatever you can do to enjoy the weather is a good idea. 

Dog-ku of the day:

Warm breeze caress me
Soft earth sink beneath my paws
Sunshine heat my fur

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