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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mom needs to get a life.

   Seriously. I know I'm really adorable, (and have you tried to eat an apple without using thumbs? It's difficult.) but who spends their days videotaping their dogs eating? Someone lame. But it's okay cause she got hired today. She's gonna leave us every day for eight hours. WTF. I'm glad she's not gonna be sitting at home feeling sorry for herself anymore, but does she have to ditch the dogs in order to feel better? I don't think so. 
Oh well. I guess we'll just get to spend more time with Great-Aunt Wendy. At least she walks us. Mom hasn't even done that the last week! I mean come on. I'm asking for the bare minimum of effort here. 

   Hey, you know what's fun? When Mom and Daddy sing Gus songs. Usually Mom just walks around singing my name to replace the lyrics of whatever song she has in her head. Sometimes she has to stop herself cause it gets inappropriate. Or just sad, like when she sang "GusGus is dead." But my favorite is when Daddy and Mom sing to me. Like just now Mom was singing along with "Gaston" (yes, Mom has a Disney Pandora station, what of it?) and it turns out my name fits into that pretty well, so then they both start singing "GusGus". Its great. I wiggle around and run in circles a bunch cause it makes me so happy. Especially when they both sang "And every last inch of hims covered in hair!" That was the best. Good times. 

Dog-Ku for today:

Why are you so round?
Don't roll away from me please
I want to eat you

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  1. Hey Gus- I enjoy your blog, and have to say your Dog-Ku for today gave me quite the chuckle. Keep them coming!