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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Stenographer Sucks.

   Mom was down and out sick the last week. She didn't take us on any walks, or even let us outside much. It sucked. She basically just lay on the couch and slept. Then she'd wake up and drink stuff, watch a movie, and then pass out again. Humans are gross when they're sick. But she made it up to us today by taking us to "Church" (i.e. the Minnehaha Dog Park). Its pretty much awesome. Bandit barks a lot, and Mom and Dad call him a jerk a bunch, but other than that its great. But it started raining a lot after awhile and then I really wanted to go home. Mom even had to put my red rain jacket with the hood on, cause the rain was getting in my eyes. Now I'm just exhausted. 

   Yes, I'm fucking adorable. No, I didn't pull that blanket over myself. In other news, I've decided to add another element to my blog. As you may know, I have some pretty strong opinions. So I am going to let the world have a little taste of the genius that is Gus. Starting this summer I shall go to as many dog-friendly restaurants and other businesses as I can. Then I'll offer some witty and intensely on-point feedback to you, the interested public. Read it. Your dogs will thank you. So watch out Minneapolis and 
St. Paul! Gus is coming, and he expects treats. 

Dog-ku of the day-

Sweet scents drift to me
Your intoxicating smell
May I sniff your butt? 

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  1. Gus - I really like the new icon photo of you dunking your ears in the river while getting a drink. It shows how intensely you do things.